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5 Reasons Why Acrylic Signs Are the Best Choice for Your Business

Want the premium glass look for your business but don’t want to spend thousands doing up your interiors? Acrylic signs are great for creating an upscale ambiance without burning your budget. Here are five reasons why acrylic sign boards are one of the most effective ways of elevating the visitor experience.

5 Reasons You Need to Get Acrylic Signs for Your Business

  1. Get the Premium Glass Look Without the Headaches
    Get the stunning glass look with none of the hassles of glass with custom acrylic signs. They give off a truly premium look and offer the same shine. Unlike glass, acrylic is far more shatter resistant and resistant to wear and tear.

That makes them much safer to use in public areas because they are less likely to break. Their durability also means you can clean them regularly without worrying about scratching and scuffing them.

  1. No Need to Spend Thousands on Etched and Frosted Glass
    Want to install etched glass at your office? Better take out your checks because etching or frosting glass panels will run you into the hundreds for every glass sign! Acrylic business signs offer the same look at a fraction of the cost.

It’s why our customers install acrylic across the office space, including lobby signs, door signs, information signs, and more.

  1. Custom Acrylic Signs That Match Your Branding and Business
    Interior decoration matters when you’re entertaining clients and customers. It can make or break deals, increase basket sizes, and create memorable experiences. So, as you can imagine, it’s no wonder that businesses spend so much getting the look of their office just right.

Acrylic allows you to achieve a similar look but at a fraction of the cost. Acrylic letters and signs are incredibly customizable, meaning you can personalize their:
● Size
● Shape
● Design
● Finish
● Mount
● And more
Not sure where to get started with design? Our design team helps businesses like yours create customized designs and bring your dream space to life.

  1. Maintenance Couldn’t Be Easier
    Acrylic business signs require no routine maintenance, no regular refinishing, repainting, or touch-ups. We use high-quality acrylic sheets, too, meaning they resist wear and tear over time, offering a lower total cost of ownership.

Acrylic sign board cleaning is easy, too. Simply use a mild soap and a soft, moist cloth to clean the sign. You don’t need specialized cleaners to keep your signs looking fresh and new. In a nutshell, you save time, effort, and expense while keeping your signs looking fresh and new.

  1. Greener Signs for an Eco-Conscious World
    Consumers are increasingly choosing environmentally friendly options, and they’re willing to pay extra for them too. That’s what McKinsey found in a recent survey.

Acrylic letters and signs are recyclable, helping you raise your environmental credentials. Once you finish your sign, recycle it responsibly instead of sending it to the landfill. Acrylic is getting greener at the production end, too, as companies have started using 30-50% recycled materials in their manufacture.

Making the Most of Your Acrylic Signs
There’s a lot you can do with your acrylic sign boards, but you need the right partner to achieve it all. At Sign Engine Ears, we engineer stunning designs and deliver real value with every sign.

Book a free consultation to discuss your needs with an experienced signage professional in Southaven.




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