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8 Tips for Creating Eye-Catching Outdoor Signage for Business

Outdoor Signage is a quick way to grow your business and spread awareness in your community. If people do not know you are open to business, often they will walk right past unknowingly. By showcasing your products and highlighting what your business has to offer, customers will visit your business more frequently.
At Sign Engine Ears, we are in the business of helping other businesses grow through custom marketing solutions. By crafting signs and creating awareness, we give everyone we work with a chance to be successful. We have helped many businesses in Southaven, MS. Now let us help you!
Contact us to speak to a sign specialist about our outdoor business signage solutions and discover the most effective ways you can use signs to attract more customers.

Attract Customers with Outdoor Signage

Here are eight techniques you can employ in your outdoor business signage and advertising campaign:
Advertise in High Volumes
More is always better in the advertising game. By using cost-effective outdoor signage in Southaven, such as post and panel signs, you can advertise at a high volume with a price that fits your marketing budget.
Interactive Elements
Interactive elements are the perfect way to draw customers in. With a simple QR code, you can guide customers directly to your website and engage their attention. Or, if you’re a restaurant owner, you can show off your menu or have augmented reality elements in your signage that allow people to play a game with their smartphones.
Bold, Bright Colors
Bright, bold colors in your signage will always grab people’s attention. Combine them with a custom design, and your sign will be a winner!
3D Effects
Adding a three-dimensional effect to your signage piques the curiosity of onlookers. You can have powerful channel letters or creative vinyl graphics that includes a 3D design on your walls or windows.
Go Digital
Consider digital signage for outside your business. Change your message as many times as you would like and catch people’s attention with humor, creativity, or a witty message. You can even allow customers to interact via touch screen.
Illuminated Signage
If your business is hoping to attract customers late at night, it is important to consider illuminated outdoor signage for business. You can try a LED neon sign, which combines the look of a traditional neon sign with the efficiency of LED power.
Advertise Your Sales
People naturally want to save money. When you advertise limited-time sales, customers will feel that they need to act fast. Vinyl signs are a fantastic way to advertise seasonal or limited-time sales at a budget-friendly price.

Reach a Wider Audience with Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle graphics are the fastest way to reach people in neighboring communities and boost your daily impressions. While stationary signs are typically seen by the same people every day, a vehicle wrap reaches a new audience for your business almost every day.

Call for Custom Outdoor Signs in Southaven

If you are looking for outdoor signage for business, look no further. Sign Engine Ears has you covered! We are waiting for your call to create a custom marketing plan for your business needs.
Call us at 1-662-667-4467 to book a consultation and find out how we can help you attract more customers with custom outdoor signage.




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