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School Signs

Custom School Signs in Southaven, MS

A school is one of the most important environments that people experience, especially as we engage with it during a significantly developmental period of our lives. While creating a positive, supportive institution is attributed to a variety of factors, one that may be overlooked is the signage system needed to create the right atmosphere.

School signs can be classified as any type of sign solution that is utilized to foster the right environment for an educational institution, which is a long, important list. Signs for schools have many responsibilities, from providing wayfinding advice to offering instructional information to staff, students, visitors, and parents.


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Explore the Benefits of School Signs in Southaven, Horn Lake

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The advantages that school signage offers are nearly endless! However, we believe it is important to understand the benefits a school gains access to when high-quality signs are acquired, not just for their students, but also for their staff:

  • Provide directional assistance
  • Create an organized, efficient environment
  • Guide students before, between, and after classes to reduce confusion and tardiness
  • Indicate proper actions and behaviors to students, staff, and visitors alike
  • Encourage inclusivity, diversity, inspiration, and creativity
  • Discourage bullying, exclusivity, and other harmful behavior
  • Identify the school’s branding
  • Offer real-time updates with digital signage for schools
  • And much more!
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Discover the Types of Signs Your Southaven, MS, School Needs

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crossing guard stop sign for schools in Southaven

There are many areas within a school in Southaven, Horn Lake where school signs could be beneficial, which is why it is important to identify the intention behind your signage prior to deciding. Do you want to increase the school’s visibility? Have you decided to change the school’s branding or colors? Are you interested in making the school easier to navigate? Once you determine the intention, our sign specialists can offer tailored recommendations.

Browse the following signage examples to kickstart your decision-making process:

  • Digital Signs: While traditional signage is very effective, digital signage for schools has become more prevalent recently. This dynamic sign solution offers real-time updates, frequent changes, and engaging media, such as videos, gifs, and animations.
  • Classroom Signage: Students spend countless hours sitting and learning inside a classroom, which makes its environment critical. The signs that are hung, whether hanging signs that indicate assignment drop off or wall murals with inspirational quotes, impact how children learn and engage at school.
  • Door Signs: Think back to your first day of school each year; you were assigned a new teacher and classroom, which can produce a bundle of nerves. Having a clear classroom door sign helped affirm you were in the right place and walk into your first day with confidence. Make sure the right door signs for your schools are in place.
  • LED School Signs: While most people will focus on the environment within the school with regard to signage, it is important to consider outdoor signs for schools as well. LED signs are an excellent way to ensure the school is properly advertised, visible during both day and night, and eye-catching in the community.


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Sign Engine Ears: Trust Acrylic Sign Makers in Southaven

If you operate a business in Southaven and are struggling to find acrylic signs near you, give the Sign Engine Ears a call. We handle everything from acrylic sign printing to installation and repairs. When you book a consultation, we are as transparent as our custom-made clear plexiglass in Horn Lake. We go over everything involved in your project upfront, such as the cost of acrylic signs, leaving you with peace of mind. 

Call us at 662-667-4467 or message us to find out more.