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Acrylic Signs

Custom Acrylic Signs in Southaven, MS

Acrylic signs are a staple in many industries. They look appealing, are easy to customize, and you can finish them with a custom coat. A high-quality acrylic sign has a clean and professional look that can enhance your lobby or waiting room area. Clear acrylic signage, in particular, looks beautiful in medical offices and or any upscale business.
If you are looking for acrylic or plexiglass signs in Southaven, we can help. Making high-quality products for high-class businesses is our specialty. We help create custom acrylic business signs for advertising and signage solutions for businesses in Southaven: with a focus on creating something unique for our customers. As Southaven local business owners ourselves, our job is to work with you and figure out a plan for success. Your success is our success. 


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How You Can Leverage Custom Acrylic Signs in your Business

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After defining what acrylic office signs are, let’s discover how maximizing the potential of acrylic signs can transform your business space.

Save Money: Utilize Budget-Friendly Custom Acrylic Signs to Reduce Costs

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One of the advantages of acrylic signage is that while it looks classy, it is also easy to stick within your budget with this type of signage. You do not have to break the bank to get high-quality products that reflect well on your business. Partnering with a trusted acrylic signage maker near you ensures both affordability and access to expert craftsmanship that is tailored to your business needs. 

Attract Customers: Create a Welcoming Atmosphere

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A backlit acrylic sign, for example, can create a comforting feeling that makes your lobby look inviting. Creating a warm and inviting environment in your business is a clever way to invite people in without saying a word. It is all about the atmosphere you create.

You can create that atmosphere outside your business as well, inviting in passersby who might have otherwise walked past your business without a second thought. This is one of the benefits and best uses of acrylic signs: they are appropriate for both indoors and out. 

Ensure Durability: Benefit from Weatherproof Acrylic Signs

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Acrylic signs are highly durable and remarkably resistant to weathering and fading. They can withstand prolonged exposure to elements, making them suitable as both outdoor and indoor acrylic signage. They are also known for their strong material, making them less prone to breakage, especially for signs in high-traffic areas, such as acrylic sign boards and 3d acrylic letters. 

Enhance Visibility: Achieve Crystal Clear Displays for Better Clarity

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Through their smooth surfaces, acrylic signs offer excellent optical clarity and high-resolution printing. This ensures that your signage remains visually appealing and easy to read from a distance. For example, if custom acrylic signs or acrylic letters near you are readable when individuals see them from far away, you unlock the potential of effectively maximizing your signage. 

Simplify Installation: Take Advantage of the Lightweight Nature for Easy Handling

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Acrylic signs are lightweight, making them easy to transport, install, and move around. This is especially advantageous for large signage with distant or remote installations. As proof, statistics say that the cast acrylic sheets market is expanding through 2027, driven by the rising demand for lightweight materials in different end-user industries.   

Reduce Upkeep: Enjoy Low-Maintenance Convenience

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Acrylic signs are easy to clean and maintain, requiring only regular inspections and gently cleaning with a soft cloth and mild detergent to remove dust and dirt. This low maintenance ensures your acrylic office signs maintain their visual appeal over time. 

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Acrylic As Safety Signs and Wayfinding

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Custom Acrylic Signs for Business In Southaven, MS

Your business needs wayfinding signs to improve the customer experience. The bigger your business, the more wayfinding signage you need. You can customize them with specific designs and have them finished with an anti-glare surface finish making them readable from a distance. This can help people with seeing problems and is one of the reasons they are an excellent material for ADA signs.

Safety signs are essential for your business. If people are not warned before they encounter danger, you are liable. Acrylic wall signs placed in the correct spots can keep visitors and customers safe by delivering a clear and concise message. 

Sign Engine Ears is a trusted, full-service sign company that serves Southaven, Horn Lake, and TN. As seasoned acrylic sign makers, we always aim to create wayfinding and safety signs that showcase the professionalism of our customers and mirror their branding. We’re here to help you leverage the versatility and full potential of personalized acrylic signs, setting your business for success.

Types of Acrylic Signs

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  • Frosted Wall Signs
  • Etched Acrylic Signs
  • Clear Acrylic Signage
  • Backlit Acrylic signs
  • 3D Acrylic Signs

Frosted Wall Signs

Frosted plexiglass signs can be cut into different shapes and sizes, and because of the finish, they add a beautiful aesthetic appeal to your business. They fissure light and create a softer ambient feel, which is perfect for helping people relax.

Etched Acrylic Signs

Etched acrylic signs feature intricate designs or text that are engraved into the surface of acrylic sheets. This creates a sophisticated and elegant look, which is perfect for conveying a sense of professionalism and showcasing your attention to detail.

Clear Acrylic Signage

Clear acrylic signage offers a sleek and modern appearance, allowing your message or graphics to stand out with clarity. The transparent nature of clear acrylic signs makes them versatile for various applications, blending seamlessly into any environment.

Backlit Acrylic signs

Backlit acrylic signs are designed with built-in lighting that illuminates the signage from behind. This creates a striking visual impact, especially in dimly lit areas or at night, effectively drawing attention to your message and enhancing visibility.

3D Acrylic Signs

If you truly want your signage to stand out, layering acrylic letters for signs to create a 3D effect is a proven way to catch someone’s eye. This is where having a unique logo and memorable message can mix perfectly with the dimensional effect to create an unforgettable impression.

Acrylic office signs make a great impression on potential partners and visitors. Since they have a clean look, they also subconsciously encourage your employees to be clean and orderly in their work. Also, the durability of acrylic office signs ensures a long-lasting investment that maintains its professional appearance, which reflects positively on your business culture and values.


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Sign Engine Ears: Trust Acrylic Sign Makers in Southaven

If you operate a business in Southaven and are struggling to find acrylic signs near me, give the Sign Engine Ears a call. We handle everything from acrylic sign printing to installation and repairs. When you book a consultation, we are as transparent as our custom-made clear plexiglass in Horn Lake. We go over everything involved in your project upfront, such as the cost of acrylic business sign, leaving you with peace of mind. 

Schedule a consultation with us today.

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Acrylic is a transparent thermoplastic material used for making specific types of signs. For example, it is often the material used to create the sign-face of channel letters. Acrylic signs can be printed in different colors to give you a variety of choices and can be cut to different lengths.

Yes. Acrylic is a durable material that can withstand harsh weather conditions, but it is typically used in conjunction with other materials to create longer-lasting outdoor signs. You can use acrylic in monument signs or channel letters because it is versatile in application.

Traditionally, acrylic signs will last several years. However, its lifespan depends on where the sign is installed, if it is indoors or outdoors, what type of environmental hazards or conditions it is subject to, and how thick the sign was cut. It also depends on how the acrylic is applied or if it is used in combination with other materials.

Yes. Acrylic is a durable material that can be used on indoor and outdoor signage. It is low-maintenance and only requires dusting and occasional washing to look pristine. It is low-impact and resistant to chemicals and weather conditions. Even with age, acrylic signage does not fade and remains sturdy.

With standard cut acrylic signage, you may need to wash them occasionally to clean off fingerprints or sediment that has built up. We suggest dusting them frequently to avoid washing them often, and cleaning them with a cloth and a water and soap solution when needed.

Acrylic signs are not designed for one-time use, as designs and lettering are often etched into the acrylic face. However, if you want to continually advertise a seasonal sale with an acrylic sign, you can do so over and over, as it’s durable and stores well.

Acrylic signs can be cut in various lengths and widths, and we can even use precision laser-cutting to create custom shapes. You can also order acrylic signs in different thicknesses if you are interested in enhanced durability. With any type of sign, you should be aware of building code restrictions for indoor use and zoning regulations for outdoor use.

Yes. Water glides off acrylic and does not soak into the material. This is one of the reasons business owners choose acrylic signs for outdoor use. It is also the reason we make channel letters and other outdoor signs with custom acrylic sign faces. They are safe to clean and can even be pressure washed at low-pressure settings.

Once we understand your design specifications – including size, shape, messaging, graphics, and more – we will digitally upload the design for the production stage. This involves cutting and engraving your sign into its desired shape and style. Any lighting features are added, and then your desired finish is applied to the exterior of the sign.

Plexiglass is a brand of acrylic. When people use the term plexiglass, they use it to refer to clear acrylic signage because it resembles glass. However, they have the same manufacturing processes. Both can have pigments added to them to create different colors. Technically, clear acrylic signs cannot always be called plexiglass, as this term is trademarked to the specific brand.