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Ceiling Signs

Ceiling Signs in Southaven

The ceiling is an underutilized place when it comes to signage. But it shouldn’t be. You have space free there, so why not have ceiling signs that can be seen from far away? It is the perfect way to provide wayfinding directions and visuals that can point people toward the bathroom or sales and promotions.

At Sign Engine Ears, we engineer signage solutions for business owners in Southaven and beyond. You have enough on your plate: why not let a team of signage experts take care of your signage so you have one less thing to worry about? As a full-service signage company, we can take care of everything, from design to installation.

To find out more about the services we offer, send us a message. 


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Utilizing Indoor Hanging Ceiling Signs

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As a business owner, you want customers to be happy in your establishment. Your job is to create a pleasant experience for everyone and make them feel comfortable. Using signage to direct customers, inform them of promotions or services, or simply to use as a welcoming tool are all amazing ways to use signage to create a positive experience.

One great use of ceiling signs is wayfinding. Wayfinding ceiling signs are hard to miss, which means that customers are less likely to get lost inside your establishment. 

Types of Ceiling Signs

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There are several different ways you can use ceiling signs, and several different types of signage to choose from, including:

  • Ceiling Hanging Signs
  • Drop Ceiling Signs
  • Vinyl Ceiling Graphics
  • Lighted Ceiling Signs
  • Printed Signs

Drop ceiling signs are a great way to mix up your signage approach and have a vinyl graphic installed directly on your ceiling. While not a traditional form of signage, they are still highly effective. When installing graphics on the ceilings, since they won’t go through normal wear and tear, they’ll also last longer.

Whether you want graphics to improve your decor or well-built wayfinding signs, we have a solution for you! All it takes is a consultation to figure out your needs.


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Sign Engine Ears: The Sign Company in Southaven That Has You Covered!

If you are a business owner in Southaven, Southaven, Horn Lake in need of ceiling signs and hanging wayfinding signs, give us a call. We are more than happy to explain everything involved in your project and how long it will take during a consultation. We’ll also cover the cost of ceiling signs upfront, giving you peace of mind before we even start your project. 

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