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Vinyl Signs

Vinyl Signs Southaven, MS

Vinyl signage might be the perfect solution for your business. It is easy to move, easy to customize, and worth the investment. This type of signage allows businesses to get quality at prices they may not have expected. Plus, by placing them in high-traffic areas, they can be twice as effective.

If you are looking for vinyl signs near me and a shop that can deliver on its promises in Southaven, then Sign Engine Ears is the vinyl print shop for you! From vinyl sign printing to installation, we can do it all. We are a full-service sign shop that proudly serves Southaven, Southaven & Horn Lake. 


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Use Vinyl Signs and Banners to Get Eyes on Your Business!

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Vinyl banners are easy to move, making them the perfect sign to use at a trade show. But that is not all you can do with them. You can use them to advertise sales, promotions, and events: inside and outside your business. They make a fantastic overhead addition at festivals and sporting events for promotion and to encourage people to celebrate.

The beauty of custom vinyl signage is that it is one of the most versatile types of signage a business owner can have. There are too many uses of custom vinyl stickers to name them all: it is impossible for a business not to benefit from some form of custom vinyl signs. And the cost of self adhesive vinyl signs is something you never have to worry about; for the meager price you pay, you are guaranteed to see a return on your investment. 

Types of Custom Vinyl Signs for Business

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The power of using vinyl as a material for your signage is that it has so many uses. You can make several different forms of signage, including:

No matter what you choose, we can help. When you set up a consultation, we explain the entire process so you know exactly what to expect and you are educated on the best way to take care of your custom vinyl letters.

You will know how to prepare your vehicle or surface and how long it takes to apply the vinyl. Depending on the type of vinyl signage, and the design of the graphics, it will be a different process. But the final product will be how you envisioned it; customer satisfaction is our number one goal.

To any business in Southaven, you are in luck. You no longer have to look for vinyl printing near me because we’ve got you covered. We have high-quality vinyl sign printing and we are ready to serve you! 


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Sign Engine Ears: Southaven Custom Vinyl Signage Printing Shop

At Sign Engine Ears, we know the many ways you can utilize vinyl to create stunning visual graphics that are guaranteed to get your business noticed. We are vinyl sign printing near me to help businesses in Southaven, Southaven, Horn Lake achieve the success they deserve. 

Call us at 662-667-4467 or message us to set up a consultation and find out what we can do for you!

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The signage process starts with our team discussing design ideas with you to determine the best way to achieve your goals. Once the design is approved, we feed high-quality vinyl into a digital printer and print the design onto it; then, we cut the vinyl into your desired shape.
Yes, vinyl is a durable material that can be installed on walls, windows, ceilings, and even the floor. We can choose vinyl with enhanced durability, if you require extra protection. For example, UV-resistant ink can prevent premature fading, or an extra thick layer of protection can improve the lifespan of floor graphics.
The duration of a vinyl sign depends on the type of vinyl used, where it was installed, if it was installed properly, and what type conditions it was exposed to. For example, a vinyl vehicle wrap can last for five to seven years, even with direct exposure to the weather.
Yes, vinyl signs are waterproof, but we do suggest occasionally cleaning them to maintain their appearance and elongate their lifespan. It is important to note that the edges of vinyl signs should be dried with a towel because prolonged exposure to water could lead to premature peeling.
Yes, many businesses find great success using vinyl signs to attract customers outdoors. Storefront window graphics are a fantastic way to showcase products and advertise sales, and vehicle wraps and graphics are the quickest way you can spread local brand awareness, extending your reach into neighboring territories.
We pride ourselves on staying current with market trends and strive to always work with the best vinyl suppliers. We use different vinyl for different signs; for example, we likely would use a different vinyl for wall graphics than we would for vehicle decals due to the differing needs of elasticity and longevity.
Yes, you can use vinyl signs for indoor and outdoor purposes, but the signs will need to be made differently. Outdoor signs should utilize UV and weather-resistant vinyl to last longer and withstand weather conditions. We can discuss different vinyl options, depending on where you want to install your sign, to ensure a worthwhile ROI.
Vinyl signs are one of the most customizable signs in terms of shape, size, and design. With digital printers, we can craft designs with intricate details and a variety of color combinations. Our precise laser-cutting machines can give you crisp, professional shapes as unique and unconventional as you desire.
Yes, vinyl signs are easy to install and remove. The surface must be prepared so it is smooth, making application of your vinyl sign easier and ensuring there are no air bubbles. To remove vinyl signs, use a heating gun and a plastic razor blade to slowly pull away the vinyl from the surface.

You can request a quote by calling us or messaging us online. We can provide you with an accurate once we know more about your ideal sign solution, including:

  • Installation location
  • Size
  • A brief description of your preferred shape or design
  • Any additional details that you believe to be important