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The Importance of Proper Installation and Maintenance for Channel Letter Signs

Channel letter signs are significant investments for any business, which is why you need to make sure they deliver the value you expect. In this guide, we’ll explain why proper installation and maintenance are essential for your LED channel letters. After that, we’ll provide three tips for maximizing the lifespan of your sign (and the value you get from it).

5 Reasons Proper Installation and Maintenance Are Essential for Your Channel Letter Signs

  1. Making Sure the LED Channel Letters Can Stand up to Weather
    Southaven’ weather is docile most of the time, but occasionally, a big storm will roll through. Make sure your sign is designed to stand up to the worst mother nature can throw at it. That means high-quality materials, expert craftsmanship, and sturdy mounting points.
  2. Preventing an Electrical Short Circuit
    Electrical faults are a serious concern for any property manager. Short circuits can trip the circuit breaker or, worse, cause a fire! Insist your sign uses electrician-recommended wiring and thick sheathing. High-quality electrical connectors, too, are vital for preventing breaks.
  3. Stopping Rust Before It Eats Into Your Custom Channel Letter Sign
    Once your sign develops rust, it can be a quick journey into “ready for recycling”. If you see any water damage or signs of rust, call your sign company immediately. They’ll stop the rust from spreading further and repair the areas that were damaged.
  4. Ensuring Your Sign Doesn’t Come Crashing Down
    An improperly installed sign doesn’t just look unsightly, it’s a health and safety risk. Everything from improperly prepared surfaces to inadequate supports to poor quality fittings can cause a sign to come off its mountings. If your sign is leaning to one side, barricade the area around it and call professional personnel.
  5. Saving Yourself an Inspection and an Audit From the City
    If your sign is unsightly or unsafe, expect a city official to pay you a visit. That’s one place you don’t want to be. City audits can consume time and energy and risk your business getting a hefty fine. Ensure you work with experienced signage professionals from the get-go and save yourself the hassle.

Tips and Tricks for Keeping Your Outdoor Sign Letters Looking and Performing Like New

Routine Maintenance for Your Custom Channel Letter Signs Goes a Long Way
We design and build our signs to be maintenance-free as far as possible. That means extensive QC and things like LED lighting that don’t need replacing for years. Even so, we advise customers to get routine inspections to ensure the sign works correctly. Inspections can catch and address the little issues before they become incidents and save you a big repair bill.

See a Problem With Your Outdoor Sign Letters? Call the Experts Right Away
Is the sign looking misaligned? Are there signs of water damage? Is a light bulb flickering? Have it seen by a professional without delay. Again, something seemingly minor can become a big headache if it’s not addressed in time. Also, ensure your signage partner offers emergency repair services (like we do).

Do a Cursory Check of Your Channel Letter Sign
This one’s very much optional and dependent on your level of skill and comfort. If the sign is accessible and you’re comfortable doing a visual inspection, it’s a good way to check if everything’s working okay.

Work With the Top Company for Channel Letter Signs Near You
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