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The Ultimate Guide to Custom Traffic Signs: Designs, Types, and Regulations Explained

The need for custom traffic signs in your municipality extends beyond road safety. A community that has a proper balance of road signs is often appreciated because of the safety and compliance it boasts. These types of signs are especially critical near school zones or high-traffic areas!

If you are looking for road traffic signs, Sign Engine Ears has you covered. We know the best practices for using custom traffic signs, as well as the regulations they must follow. The shape, design, color scheme, and installation location are all crucial elements in fostering a safer, happier community.

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Explore the Different Types of Street Signs

At their core, traffic and road signs are put in place for one reason—safety. They may have different functions, but the overall purpose of their existence is to ensure everyone in its vicinity is kept safe.

Discover some of the street signs we offer:

  • Warning Signs
  • Information Signs
  • Pedestrian Signs
  • Street Name Signs
  • Wayfinding Signs

If you’re considering investing in custom traffic signs, there is more room for personalization, which allows businesses to showcase their brand or achieve new goals; however, it is important to remember the main purpose of this signage and why you are installing them.

Regulations for Custom Traffic Signs in Mississippi

There are too many regulations regarding custom traffic signs in Mississippi to cover in one blog. However, there are some notable points of interest to understand what types of business signs are prohibited and why.

Prohibited Signs
Custom traffic signs cannot contain flashing lights or illumination devices which change in intensity. Even if the intention behind these elements is to improve visibility at night, they can cause more harm than good by distracting drivers.

You can also not use a sign for any purpose—advertising or otherwise—that resembles a road traffic safety sign. In other words, signs that say “Stop”, “Yield”, “Danger”, or “Warning” cannot be installed anywhere near a road or traffic area, as they may be misinterpreted and impact the flow of traffic.

Custom Designs
Most people are accustomed to the design of certain street signs. For example, when we see a stop sign from behind, we know what it is without seeing the typography on the front; the shape is so familiar and distinctive that people recognize it on sight. This is an essential element in creating safety in neighborhoods and urban areas.

By using an improper or unfamiliar design, there is the chance of increased road risk due to a lack of comprehension by drivers. However, there is room for customization in some situations.

While standardization is crucial for consistency and clarity, there is also room for customization to reflect the unique character of different neighborhoods and communities. Custom traffic sign designs can incorporate local landmarks, historical references, or cultural motifs, creating a sense of identity and fostering belonging among residents.

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